Equity Research

Who We Serve

Edgewater partners with a variety of institutional investors, including some of the largest in the world. Our partners value our work as a critical input into their investment process, helping make more informed investment decisions on a daily basis.

What We Cover

Edgewater’s sector focus includes Consumer, Technology and Internet. We see a growing emphasis from investors aiming to better navigate these dynamic verticals, especially as these industries converge and continue to be a major growth driver to the global economy.

The Edgewater Difference

Edgewater’s research process is notably differentiated from traditional sell-side research. Our channel work is very labor intensive, conducted by full-time, in-house industry experts built on years of cultivating credible referral networks within various supply chains. The research is held to the highest standards by institutional investors and industry professionals alike, including a respected track record that reaches back more than a decade.

How You Benefit

Edgewater subscribers gain a distinct competitive edge:

  • Partner with reliable channel experts with a strong track record
  • Gain an information edge through proprietary channel insights with an established network of industry contacts
  • Be early in identifying changes to industry fundamentals and company-specific trends that impact your investments
  • Have more conviction making investment decisions and idea generation

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