Market Intelligence

Who We Serve

Edgewater partners with corporate clients across various industry verticals, globally. Our partners value our research as a critical input into their industry knowledge and workflow. As a result of having access to our work, clients stay more informed and are empowered to make better strategic decisions on a daily basis.

What We Cover

Edgewater’s offering includes research published on Technology, Digital Advertising, eCommerce and Consumer. We see a growing need from our partners, who are eager for help to better navigate these dynamic verticals. This need is likely to grow as these industries continue to converge, disrupt the status quo, and increasingly impact the global economy.

The Edgewater Difference

Edgewater’s research process is notably differentiated from traditional industry research. Our channel work is very labor intensive, conducted by full-time, in-house industry experts who have spent years cultivating credible referral networks across various supply chains. Consistent participation from channel contacts stretching over a decade is a testament to the value placed on gaining access to the research and the benefit it provides.

How You Benefit

Edgewater subscribers gain a distinct competitive edge:

  • Partner with reliable channel experts with a strong track record
  • Gain an information edge through proprietary channel insights with an established network of industry contacts
  • Be early in identifying changes to industry fundamentals and company-specific trends that impact your business
  • Obtain more conviction in making critical business decisions

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